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Session 2020-2021

Workshop on Happiness Curriculum

KIIT World School organized a training session on Happiness Curriculum for teachers of classes VI to VIII. The workshop aimed at equipping and empowering the teachers to cater to the needs of happiness and well-being of the learners. The school counsellor apprised the participants about the mental exercises and meditation techniques to be done in the classroom.

Workshop on Happiness Curriculum

KIIT World School organized a workshop on ‘Happiness Curriculum’ for the teachers. The sole intent of happiness curriculum was delivered by Ms Neha Sharma, a core committee member in designing of the same. She demonstrated the need of being mindful instead of being mind-full and helped the faculty differentiate between momentary, deeper and sustained happiness. She also imparted the importance of skill acquisition in addition to knowledge acquisition, which is indeed the need of the hour.

Training on Fire Safety

KIIT World School organized a hands on training session on fire safety for the teachers. The session comprised of training regarding proper handling and usage of fire extinguishers.

'Understanding and development of self from a teacher's perspective'.

KIIT World School organized a workshop on ‘Understanding and development of self from a teacher’s perspective’. The resource person, Mr Gaurav, a Fulbright scholar, highlighted the traits of a good teacher i.e. Effective communicator, empathetic and self- aware. He also emphasised that the teacher must play the role of a director instead of an actor. The need of the hour is to be in a responsive state instead of a reactive one. Different learning styles were shared(VRAK) i.e Visual, audio, read and write and Kinesthetic. He also apprised the audience about the different learning zone theories such as comfort zone, fear zone, learning zone and growth zone. Optimum results are found in the last zone ‘growth zone’.

Story Telling Workshop

Children are natural storytellers. They interact with peers and arrange space and objects to bring their stories to life. To learn the art of incorporating theatre in the classrooms, Ms. Jasmine attended a Storytelling Workshop at Springdales School, Pusa Road. Famous story teller Roger Jenkins was the resource person for the workshop. The purpose of storytelling, language as a medium of developing this skill and different ways of telling stories was shares in this workshop. The workshop was aimed at handing over the ownership of learning to children at a primary level as great storytellers.

Session 2018-2019

Workshop on Spoken English

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.” – James Humes KIIT World School organised a Spoken English Workshop by Eupheus Learning. Mr. Arani Banerjee, Managing Editor – ELT was the resource person who deliberated upon the importance of effective and impressive Spoken English in today’s competitive world. The purpose of the workshop was to enable teachers to create various functional tasks and communicative exercises for the welfare of the students. Teachers were asked to lay utmost importance on all the 3 steps while teaching i.e. Presentation, Practice and Production. Importance of eliciting productive errors and incorporating interesting activities while teaching was also discussed.

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