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  • A high standard of behavior, dress and attitude is required from all students at HHS. All students are expected to wear HHS Uniform.

  • Any photograph submitted in school for attestation purpose should be in school uniform only.

  • You are expected to show courtesy and respect to all staff, visitors to the school and to each other.

  • Older students are encouraged to participate in the care of younger students.

  • Please move around the school buildings in a quiet and orderly way.

  • Keep on the left side of corridors and stairway.

  • The main door at the front of school is for staff and visitors.

  • Students should only enter classrooms, laboratories, office or library when directed to do so by a member of staff.

  • Always be prepared for each lesson by bringing the correct material.

  • Always pay attention during lessons and give your best.

  • When the bell rings at the end of a period, complete your almanac entry for that period. Do not move out without the permission from teacher coming for next class. The bell is a signal to the teacher, not to the pupils.

  • You are expected to obey all members of staff without argument. If you feel that you are being unfairly treated, you may appeal politely to the teacher or to the HM/VP at the end of the lesson.

  • All students are expected to obey the Class Prefects and Members of School Parliament who have been elected to help the Principal with duties in the school.

  • You must look after school property – lab equipment, furniture, electricity boards, smart boards and the school building itself. Any loss or damage to the property caused due to carelessness of the student or students will be recovered from the student/students responsible for it.

  • All students must reach Assembly ground/Activity Rooms as the timetable says. It is forbidden to stay in class without Principal’s permission.

  • Use English as your language of communication while you are in school.

  • Read newspaper daily to keep yourself abreast of the latest.

  • The library offers a wide range of books on fiction, journals, biographies, inspirational thoughts. General knowledge, encyclopedia and other resource material etc.

    • Library is a Silence Zone. Students are expected to sit quietly without causing disturbance to others.

    • Issue/ Return is done online. Books can be issued/returned during. library periods/lunch break/dispersal time. Showing your Icard at issue/return counter is a must.

    • Do not take books away without getting them issued.

    • Return books on time to avoid paying fine which is Rs. 5/- per day.

    • It is the student’s responsibility to find time and return the books.

    • Only one book at a time can be issued to students from classes VI – VIII for a week and two books to students from classes IX – XII for a period of a fortnight.

    • Do not damage or lose books. If a book is lost, the student is expected to replace it with latest edition new book or pay double the amount of the printing cost of the book.

    • Do not scribble on the books issued from library.

    • Do not tear off pages.

    • It is good to arrange the books on shelves before leaving the library.

    • Students must get their library dues cleared before closure of the session


  • Be at the school by 7:45 am and reach your classroom.


  • Attendance timing is between 7:50 am and 7:55 am OR immediately after morning assembly.

  • Every period by subject teacher.

  • At the end of the day by class teacher.

  • Minimum 75% attendance is a must for student to appear in the exam.

Final Examination/promotion to the next class

  • Attendance will be monitored and evaluated on 5-point scale and the grade will reflect in the Result Sheet.


  • Leave application must be submitted in advance.

  • School does not permit any short leave/half day leave except in case of emergencies on medical grounds, with the due permission from school.

  • In case of leave on medical ground for more than two days, Medical Certificate should be submitted in the school.

  • In case a student is returning to school after suffering from any contagious disease he/she must produce a doctor’s Certificate of Fitness permitting him/her to attend the school.

  • A student suffering from disease like Chicken pox, Cholera, Measles, Mumps, Whooping cough, Jaundice, Dengue etc. must observe the prescribed period of quarantine as recommended by the doctor.

  • Re-exam will not be taken if absent on examination day which may result in dropping of grades.

Late Coming

  • Each late arrival in school is recorded and may result in lower grades in discipline.

  • If you are continually late, it will be investigated by the teacher incharge and your parents may be called to send you back home.

Bullying is Wrong

  • Nobody has the right to hurt other people by hitting them, kicking them, calling them names, spreading rumours about them or by doing anything which is intended to upset them.

  • Bullies try to justify their actions by saying that it is their victim’s fault for being different. They may pick on someone who is tall or small, fat or thin, or wears glasses or has a different accent, or another religion, or shy or clever, or good-looking or disabled or… any excuse will do, and if there is no difference then the bullies will invent one

  • If this is happening to you, tell yourself it is not your fault and that it is the bullies who need to change and not you.

Cyber Bullying

  • Any form of bullying is wrong and it may result in suspension from school

  • Posting text or images intended to hurt, embarrass, threaten, torment, humiliate, or intimidate their victim on any social media like Facebook, Instagram or chat groups will fall under cyber bullying act.


  • Talk to someone who to can trust: a parent, a friend or relative

  • If the first person you tell ignores it, try someone else

  • Best person to speak with is your teacher


  • Don’t try to deal with the problem yourself

  • Don’t hit the bullies or fight back

  • Always tell the truth. Don’t exaggerate. If a small part of what you are saying is shown to be untrue, then it throws everything else in doubt

  • Don’t hide things from the adults you trust. Keeping things secret is the bullies’ biggest weapon against you.

Student Charter

  • I am required to carry my almanac and identity card daily to school.
  • I will affix my photograph and provide the required information duly signed by my parents on page number 2 to 7 in the Almanac.
  • I am required to reach school by 7:50 A.M.
  • I will not damage school property or write/draw anything on the walls, furniture and fixtures. I would report the damage if any promptly to my teacher. I will compensate for any damage caused to the school property due to my carelessness.
  • I will bring my personal belongings myself and will not make phone calls in this regard from school.
  • I will get the leave record on page no. 27 of Almanac filled by my teacher and get it signed by my parents.
  • I understand that short leave and half day leaves are not allowed for any personal/social functions as a rule of the school.
  • I will not lend or borrow money or any other article from anyone.
  • If my progress in studies is unsatisfactory or conduct harmful to my fellow students, I will be liable to be suspended.
  • I understand and shall convey to my parents that it is compulsory for them to attend all the Parent Teacher Meetings and they should reach in time for the same.
  • I promise that I shall show my achievement report to my parents without fail and return the same to my class teacher within 3 days.
  • I shall label all my belongings.
  • I would not be called to answer any phone call during school hours.
  • I will maintain discipline in the bus and bus facility may be withdrawn for not doing so.
  • I will converse in English in school.
  • I will use washrooms properly.
  • I will upkeep my hair as desired by the school (not long in case of boys, tied with white band in case of girls)
  • I understand that carrying mobile phones to school is not permitted. I will not claim the phone back in case it is confiscated by the school authorities.
  • I will follow the dispersal norms. If my van/bus has left, I will immediately report at the reception.
  • I will not drive any automobiles during my school life.
  • I shall always submit my notebooks / assignment / activity books in time with complete work.
  • I shall never be out of class without a written permission of teacher / class pass and will always report back immediately after my task is accomplished.
  • I understand that Photograph attestation will be done only if the photograph is taken in the SCHOOL UNIFORM.
  • During school life, for any purpose like PTM, Open House and Result Days, I will always visit the school in proper uniform as an ambassador of school ethos. Also, whenever I will be representing my, I will follow the same.
  • I shall not bring anything valuable to school and will take care of my own belongings.
  • I will not wear low waist/narrow pants

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