Heartiest Congratulations! to our Class XII & Class X students and their parents | Class XII: Highest score 98.8%; more than 1/4th of students have scored 90% or higher; 72% students have scored 80% or higher | Class X: Highest score of 97.8%; three perfect 100s and many with all-subject score above 90%
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Expectations from Parents

    • Help the children to adhere to school rules and cooperate in the smooth functioning of the school.
    • Attend all meetings scheduled for them.
    • Give a helping hand by giving suggestions, feedback and create a positive atmosphere during visits to school.
    • Take out time to check the uniform of your child in the morning.
    • Check the Almanac of your child daily.
    • Read the Year Book issued to child to know the schedule of assessments and activities.
    • Check the bags of children to check any unwanted/undesirable/expensive material.
    • Help child set bag as per the time table of the day and the required material for learning for the day. Sending it later at reception disrupts the functioning of school.
    • Ensure that the child doesn’t take unnecessary leaves.
    • If the child is suffering from any contagious disease, send him to re-join only  after he/she has fully recovered.       
    • Encourage your child to have proper breakfast in the morning and avoid sending junk food in lunch.
    • Show respect towards teachers, criticizing a teacher in front of child is not healthy.
    • Be in constant touch with teachers to know about the academic progress and behavior of your child.
    • Regulate going to your personal or social functions according to non-working days to avoid unnecessary absence from school.
    • Fill in the leave record yourself in your child’s almanac.
    • Mobile phones are a big distraction and can be misused by children. To help children remain focused in school, it does not allow children to bring cell phones to school.Please check that your child does not carry it to school for any reason.
    • Send a consent form if your child wants to attend an extra class or for   preparation for inter-school competitions/ assembly or any other school event.
    • To ensure children’s safety, we do not allow parents/relatives/friends send lunch boxes, water bottle, any eatables after their child has come to school.
    • Use of any unfair means by child will lead to cancellation of paper.
    • For any Birthdays or any occasion, the school does not permit bringing gifts/cakes or celebration material to school.
    • In case of any change of address, emergency phone numbers should be reported in office as soon as possible with a self-attested proof.
    • Take a prior appointment to meet teacher, it will help us to plan schedule to accommodate the meeting.
    • Deposit fee well in time.

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