Video Conferencing with students from Indonesia, Philippines and Pakistan.

Every festival has a different story, an underlying culture, tradition and the hearts and souls of many involved. KIITians of age group 12-14 participated in a video conference with students from Indonesia, Philippines and Pakistan. Students loved discussing their favourite festivals, how they celebrate them and how does it reflect and impact the society. They pondered over the changing meaning of such festivities. Their take back was that every religion has one purpose in its entirety and that is victory of good over evil and bringing together all the members of various communities as ONE.

Intra School Dance Competition

KIIT World School organized Intra-school dance competition on the theme of patriotism for the students of classes VI to VIII. The participants displayed their talent and mesmerized the audience. Congratulations to the winners!

Intra School Folder Making Competition

KIIT World School organized Intra-school folder making competition for the students of classes IX to XII. The students participated enthusiastically and showcased their creativity.

Interactive Session on Tree Plantation and Preservation

KIIT World School, Pitampura organized an interactive session for the participants of 'Speaker of the year' competition. The chief guests was Swami Prem Parivartan AKA Peepal Baba. He is synonymous with tree planting work in India, particularly the planting and preservation of the Peepal tree. He is founder of the environmental charity 'Give Me Trees' which has become one of the largest community based voluntary tree planting and conservation movements in India. A sapling was planted by him in the school premises. Famous RJ Rahul Makin was also present on the occasion.

Hindi Poem Competition

KIIT World School organized Intra-school Hindi poem recitation competition for the students of classes IX to XII. The competition was judged by parents Mrs Mehta and Mr Aggarwal. The winners were - First - Pragati Rana (XI D) Second - Pari (IX A) and Raghav Mudgal (X A) Third - Love Goel (XII B) Congratulations to all!

Tree Plantation Drive by DDA

KIIT World School participated in the Tree plantation drive organized by Delhi Development Authority. Hon'able Lt. Governor of Delhi, Sh. Anil Baijal was present on the occasion. The purpose of this initiative was to increase the green cover in Delhi to combat pollution. Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing

Investiture Ceremony

KIIT World School organized Investiture ceremony wherein the members of student parliament were bestowed with the badges. It was a momentous occasion for the student parliamentarians who pledged to uphold the values and school ethos. They also promised to fulfil their responsibilities with utmost sincerity.

Earth Day

KIIT World School, Pitampura organised various activities for students to commemorate Earth Day. These activities were spread across entire week where children pledged to protect environment and imbibed eco-friendly feelings. The students of classes VI to XII showcased their creativity and ingenuity by engaging in activities such as poster making, book cover and book mark making and Jute bag designing. A special assembly was also organised by the students of class X A. The students expressed pain of mother earth through a heart-warming poem. A video was shown to the audience to make them aware about their duties towards conserving the environment. The assembly was graced by parents along with mentors. It was a hugely successful event where all the students displayed their solidarity for the cause - to save mother earth! Apart from this, the school organised a tree plantation drive where mentor Dr T.P. Singh planted saplings in the school compound along with the parents.

Exhibition of teachings aids

KIIT World School, Pitampura organised an exhibition of teachings aids in the school premises highlighting their importance in the teaching-learning process. The exhibition ascribed the fact that teaching aids are an integral component of any classroom as they engage students’ other senses while supplementing a lesson being taught by the teacher. The colourful and bright teaching aids of languages as well as social sciences illustrated the concepts and skills in an interesting manner. The usage of the same definitely relieves anxiety and boredom by presenting information in a new and exciting way. The mentors and parents observed the exhibits on display which were explained by the student volunteers.

Literary Canon

KIIT World School, Pitampura is celebrating April as the month of ‘Literary Canon’ under which various activities have been organised for the students of classes VI to IX. One such activity was ‘Literary Run’, an intra-class event for class VI wherein students showcased their zeal and zest in the field while competing with each other. They reflected their enriched language skills during the relay race. Another event was English Poem Recitation for classes VI to IX. The participants recited poems with proper intonation and poise. The activity was judged by parents of the students from respective classes which participated in the competition. It was heartening to witness the enthused children participating in each activity with great vigour.

Autism Awareness Day

KIIT World School, Pitampura observed Autism Awareness Day with an aim to bring awareness among one and all. The students of class XII A presented a special assembly on this occasion. They made the audience conscious by showcasing a video Austistic Anthem, highlighting the message that autistic people are one of us. The life journey of Grandmaster David Navera was also depicted by the students in the form of a role play. He was an autistic and achieved great heights as a chess champion. A song was presented by the choir group emphasizing the fact that autistic children have an equal right to be a part of mainstream and they should not be side-lined by the society.

Workshop on Bullying

KIIT World School, Pitampura organized a workshop on Bullying for the students of classes VI to VIII. The menace of bullying among school going children is increasing at a rapid pace. In this scenario, it becomes all the more important to make them realise the problems that may arise due to it. The resource person, Ms Ritika Arya, shared the traits of bullies and apprised the students how to identify the same so that they are equipped and empowered to deal with the untoward situations.The workshop acted as an ice-breaker for the students as they were made aware of the do’s and don’ts when being bullied. It was indeed a fruitful session for the students

ATL Community Day