Kathak Dance Workshop

KIIT organized a Kathak workshop by the renowned exponents Ms. Nalini Kamlini and their Guru Nrityacharya Jitendra Maharaj. It was an overwhelming session comprising demonstrations through dance performances by Ms. Nalini Kamlini and one of their students Miss Anugya, who mesmerized the audience by their graceful moves.

Feminine Hygiene Workshop

Feminine Hygiene Workshop was conducted by Mrs Sadhna Khanna for the girl students to sensitize them about the importance of maintaining hygiene for well-being.

Picnic at MojoLand Adventure Park

KIIT School organized a picnic for students of classes VIII to XII on 31st January, 2019 to MojoLand Adventure Park, Sonepat. The cold wintery morning just could not dampen the excitement of the students and the whole school was full of hustle and bustle as students made their way towards their respective buses. While on the way, the students enjoyed in the buses and sang energetically all along. High adreline slides and rides, zip lining, the savory dishes, all added to the merriment and fun. The children clearly enjoyed their day to the fullest and created beautiful memories to be cherished by them for a long time to come. The laughter and joy that was witnessed amongst the children was something beyond words. The picnic was a much needed break from the regular schedule of the students in school and the children made the best out of the day.

Inculcating the Reading Habit

KIIT World School hosted a series of literary events to forge love for books, reading and to infuse interest in students to know more about authors and poets on 29th January, 2019.

Literary Quiz was conducted for class VIII wherein, five participants from each section showcased their knowledge and interest in facts about the literary world. Quiz Master, Ms Ritika Kansra, posed questions to enable the students to think out of the box for answering questions in four rounds. Class VIII C bagged the first position, VIII D was second and there was a tie between classes VIII A and B at third position. The audience too was exhilarated and participated in the quiz. Parents appreciated the winners and blessed the audience.

The Book Mark Making Activity as well as Book Cover Making Activity for classes VI and VII were also adjudged by the parents. The ingenious efforts of students were put on display and their efforts were appreciated. Aradhya of class VII B bagged first position in Book Mark Making Activity, Himanshi of class VII D was second and Vanshika Atri was awarded the third position in the same. Whereas, Anshika of class VI A bagged first position, Hiral of VI B bagged the second position and Kanishka of VI D won the third position.

Republic Day Celebration

KIIT World School organized a mesmerising cultural extravaganza to celebrate the momentous occasion of our country's 70th Republic Day. The dignitaries, Dr. Harshvardhan Kamrah, Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia, Ms Meeta Purkayastha along with parents unfurled the national flag. The entire atmosphere was soaked in patriotic fervour with an awe-inspiring performance by the dance troupe. A thought provoking poem by Vansh Mangla of class X concluded the programme. Dr. Harshvardhan Kamrah, while addressing the students, emphasized the importance of gratitude, responsibility, attitude of positivity, dutifulness and etiquettes in one's life to become a humane individual. Dr. Bhatia extended a vote of thanks to all the guests, especially parents and all the participants who had put up a wonderful show and displayed solidarity.

Picnic to Adventure Island

The morning of 21st January brought a glint in the eyes and a sunny smile on the lovely faces of Kiitians as it was time for fun and frolic yet again. Around 130 students of class VI and VII enjoyed an exciting and joyous day at the Adventure Island, Rohini. The extravaganza began with a cheerful singing of peppy songs enroute the venue where our students were given a warm welcome. The students enjoyed an array of rides and sumptuous meal. The students participated in numerous activities organized by the team at Adventure Island. It was a day well spent, with memories to cherish for a long time. It was a break from the humdrum routine of the everyday life that left everybody yearning for more.

Kiitians at Indian Science Congress, LPU, Jalandhar

Kritik and Kunal explaining the working of their model to visitors at the ongoing Indian Science Congress at LPU, Jalandhar. The exhibition was kickstarted by two of the Nobel Laureates, Dr Duncan Haldane in Physics and Dr Avram Hershko in Chemistry.

Cooking Competition for Mothers

Culinary Club of the school organised a cooking competition for the mothers. The competition saw an overwhelming participation from the moms who prepared sumptuous delicacies keeping the festive season in mind. It also aimed at reinforcing the importance of consuming home cooked food rather than unhealthy junk food. The competition was adjudged by students- Vriti Batra, Vanshika Atri, Nishant Chandana and Manit Vig along with the mentors. Each participant had something great to offer that judges had a hard time deciding a winner.

Book Fair

KIIT World School organised a book fair for the students of classes VI to VIII. The students browsed through the books that were put up for display. Many of them were seen engrossed in reading their favourite books.

Workshop on Positive Parenting

KIIT World School organized a workshop on Positive Parenting for the parents of students of classes VI to VIII. Ms Vandana Tandon from NIE was the resource person for the workshop. She deliberated upon various facets of parenting and dealing with the millennial kids. She urged the parents to appreciate the child, listen and not judge, advise healthy food and develop healthy eating habits by being creative in cooking. She also highlighted the need to spend quality time with the child.

Sharing with Partner School in Korea

It was time for a joyous celebration for Kiitians, with Christmas just round the corner as they received a number of gifts from the students of their partner school in Korea. The students were deeply touched and could not suppress their excitement while opening their packages!

Speaker of the Year

The Speaker of the Year Event concluded with the participants of the contest showcasing their talent in front of the camera today. They spoke about the great Indian inventions and interacted with the team from SOTY. The winners of level one and two were recognized for their efforts and presented with trophies and certificates. The event was preceded by a workshop for the same for the students earlier in the month of November. The students at all levels wholeheartedly participated in the event and left no stone unturned to prove their mettle. Congratulations to the winners!

Eat Right Walkathon

KIITians participated in 'Eat Right Walkathon' organized by FSSAI (Food Safety Department of Delhi Government). The students became the brand ambassadors of motto of this walkathon and spread the message of eating healthy, safe and fortified.

Career Fair

KIIT World School organized a 'Career Fair' for the students of classes X, XI and XII. Students got an opportunity to interact with representatives from various universities and explore their avenues.

Video Conferencing on Human Trafficing

Students of KIIT World School enthusiastically participated in a fruitful discussion on Human Trafficking through video conference with their counterparts from different schools abroad. They interacted with each other and talked about various possibilities to overcome this highly sensitive social issue. All the students reflected on what they have learnt and shared their experiences.

One Nation Reads Together

KIITians wholeheartedly participated in 'One Nation Reads Together' program organized by Scholastic Team. It was a delight to witness students engrossed in reading books along with their teachers. They also pledged to continue the joy of reading and spread it among others.

National CBSE Sahodaya Conference

Mr S.K. Munjal and Dr Richa Verma attended 24th National CBSE Sahodaya Conference held in Lucknow.


KIIT World School organized its third Intra MUN amidst great zeal and zest. The two-day conference was held on 24th and 25th November 2018 in the school premises where around 80 delegates and IP members participated. The delegates from the different parties upheld their ideas and debated the most controversial issues prevailing in the country, with a cacophony of points. KIIT Model United Nations provided a platform to students to hone their oratory skills apart from enhancing their problem solving ability. The conference gave many young minds the possibility to prepare for their future careers, as well as debate pressing topics and connect with others, building long-lasting friendships. The conference also saw the participants collaborating with each other to reach greater heights and redefining themselves. The conference came to an end as the Executive Board felicitated Vansh Mangla as the Best Delegate, Nishant Chandna and Devansh Wahi received the High Commendation Award, Somya Chawla was adjudged as the Best Journalist, Dwanik Goela received the Best Photographer Award whereas Ananya Sarin received the Best Caricaturist Award.

Jawaharlal Nehru National Science Mathematics and Environment Exhibition

Kritik Bhatia and Kunal Sharma of class XI represented their innovative exhibit to Hon'able Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr Vijay Rupani. They are participating in Jawaharlal Nehru National Science Mathematics and Environment Exhibition 2018 (JNNSMEE) at Sardar Patel Stadium, Ahemdabad. A total of 198 teams are participating in this National programme.
Ms. Garima Bhutani also attended the Chemistry Exposure Camp at Homi Bhabha Centre of Sciences, Mumbai.

Radio Show at Big FM

KIITians celebrated Children's Day with a trip to 104.7 Radio Nasha studio. These children interacted with RJs on the live radio candidly. It was a delightful experience for them to observe RJs on the job.

Green Diwali Activity

KIIT organised a creative activity to spread the message of Green Diwali on 2nd,November 2018 in the school premises. It aimed at projecting the generosity among the students who prepared gift hampers for their family as well as for the underprivileged people. They also made meaningful badges with a message 'Have a safe and Green Diwali'.

Inter Class Relay Race

"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
KIIT World School organized an Inter-Class Relay Race for classes VI-IX in the school premises wherein the students participated zealously. They were filled with enthusiasm to compete with each other. At the same time, they learnt the value of team spirit. The winners are - 
Class VI B (Chitanya Chillar, Radhika, Neev Bhatia, Harshita) secured 1st position, Class VI D (Anish Raizada, Aesha Kashmiri, Rishit, Kanishka) secured 2nd position followed by Class VI A (Atharva Sureka, Ruchita Kiran, Yasshas Singh, Avishi Sajwan) securing 3rd position.

Class VII A (Chetan Vats, Anika Saxena, Dhruv Sahay, Gunjal Bansal) secured 1st position whereas there was a tie between Class VII B (Tanishq Maggo, Divyanshi, Manya Garg, Kiran Jaggi) & VII C (Yuvraj B, Yash Dua, Anuska Parasar, Garvita) who secured 2nd position followed by Class VII D (Gautam Dugar, Ranjeet Raddey, Alisha, Pari Bansal) securing 3rd position.

Class VIII A (Aditi Saini, Ananat Bharadwaj, Muskan,Prachi Thagela) secured 1st position, Class VIII B (Raghav Sharma, Hriday Arora, Upasna Manhas, Yuvika) secured 2nd position followed by Class VIII C (Ansuman, Arpit Rana, Srishti, Kasak) securing 3rd position.

Class IX A (Chethan, Miland, Vidhi Mittal, Rishita) secured 1st position, Class IX D (Harshit, Deepak, Kareena, Esha) secured 2nd position followed by Class IX C (Abhimanyu Rana, Manav Baghel, Vanshika, Isha) securing 3rd position.

Word Wall Competition

It was an overwhelming experience for the students and the teachers of KIIT World School who participated in the Inter-Class Word-Wall Competition. All the students showcased enthusiasm and dedication while working hard on the enrichment of the word walls in their classes under the guidance of their teachers.
The competition was held between Class IX-X AND VI-VIII where class X A & VIII D secured the 1st position, X E & VIII C secured the 2nd position followed by IX C & VII D who secured the 3rd position respectively.

Workshop on Anger Management

A workshop on Anger Management was organised for the students of class VII. The resource person, Ms Anjali Sachdev from NIE talked about the negative impact of anger and suggested ways to channelize the negative energy in a productive manner. It was an interactive session where students expressed themselves and learnt ways to cope with anger.

Video Conferencing with HOGOK School, South Korea

Students of KIIT World School interacted with their counterparts from Hogok School, South Korea. Students who had earlier visited the country and the school during an exchange programme were also a part of it. The interaction focused on holidays and celebration of important days in both the countries. Korean students shared about the celebration of their National festival, annual event and their dreams and aspirations for future. Similar information was enthusiastically shared by KIITians. The Conference ended on a fun note where both the set of students taught their native language phrases to each other. It was indeed, an interesting learning experience for students from both the schools.

NIE Newspaper Workshop

An educative and fun filled workshop was conducted by NIE resource person, Ms.Anjali, for the students of class VI. It was an interactive and activity based session where the students got an opportunity to interact with the newspaper in a very new way. The workshop had a bunch of activities around newspaper. Participants appeared enthusiastic in framing sentences using idioms given in the newspaper or identifying adjectives along with the resource person. Moreover, they were visually perpetuated through a video screening of a classical story 'The Ugly Duckling’. The students were seen engrossed during the entire session.

NIE Pottery Workshop

Students tried their hands at pottery in a workshop organized by NIE.

Dental Camp

An oral dental check up camp was organised on at Kiit World School by the dental department of SGT Dental College, Hospital and Research Institute to promote the importance of good oral care habits The camp was initiated with dental awareness talk, educating students about common dental ailments, especially stressing on tooth decay and gum diseases and measures to prevent them. The students were briefed about the eating patterns and food choices which cause tooth decay. The dental surgeons vividly explained about the possible formation of harmful acid which develops when bacteria (plaque) get in contact with sugar in the mouth which ultimately results in tooth decay. Avoiding foods such as soft drinks, candies, cookies, pastries helps to control these dental problems. They emphasised the importance of reading the food labels and choosing the right foods and beverages. The camp gave the opportunity to assess the oral health awareness among the students and learn about the oral hygiene practices which are of great importance in day to day life.

Theatre Workshop

KIIT World School organised a theatre workshop for the students of class XI. The workshop was conducted by Festival of Voices team who helped the children learn finer nuances of acting. The session included an experience sharing exercise where stories of women of Delhi who have been resilient in the face of adversities, were narrated and retold. The workshop also delved upon the importance of facial gestures, body language and voice modulation while enacting a scene or delivering a dialogue. It was an enriching experience, especially for those who aspire to pursue acting.

Workshop on Safety of Animals

KIIT World School organized a workshop on safety of animals for the students of classes VIII and IX. The workshop was conducted by Mrs. Aashi Shukla, Trustee, Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre, Raja Garden. The session was an eyeopener for the students as it apprised them about the issues that animals face. The workshop empowered the students with the ways in which they can bring about a change in their locality and helped in fostering empathy for stray animals.

Sharing is Caring

Students of KIIT World School exemplified that sharing is indeed caring! They got together to distribute tetra packs of Milo health drink among their counterparts from India Vision School, a special school for the girl children of jail inmates and labourers.

Teachers Day Celebration

KIIT World School paid a glowing tribute to the revered teachers on the occasion of Teacher's Day. The students of class XII proudly donned the hat of their mentors and stepped into their shoes, getting a firsthand experience of managing classes for the first half of the day. The occasion saw the presence of pillars of strength for KIIT, Mr Luthra, mentor and a guiding force, along with former teachers Mrs. Mukherjee and Mrs Taneja, who have shaped many a lives and still continue to inspire the young students and Mrs Alka Rampal, Ex- Principal. Former KIITians, who have established themselves in various fields, were also a part of the celebration. It was a nostalgic moment for them as they revisited their Alma mater after a long time. A cultural program was presented by the students of class XII, which included rendition of soulful songs and dance performance by ex-student, Girivar. The day made the teachers feel proud of the fact that they are able to nurture and mould the future of the nation.

Workshop on Studies Abroad

Students of class XII got a wonderful opportunity to explore the options for studying in the United States of America. Representatives from various universities like Purdue, Indianapolis, South Dakota, Portland and Delaware conducted a workshop in the school campus where they highlighted the courses available for students at under graduate and post graduate levels. The workshop comprised of an interactive session where Mr Girish C. Ballola, CEO and founder- Gen next education/ International knowledge centre discussed the education programs in detail. The students were provided a comprehensive study guide for those students who wish to study in the USA. The students cleared their doubts and queries regarding boarding, lodging and scholarships, etc. It was quite an informative session

Zonal Orchestra Competition

"Music is to the soul what words are to the mind." KIIT World School hosted Orchestra Zonal competition with an aim to provide a platform to students to display their musical abilities. Various schools of the zone participated in the event. The competition was judged by Mr. Vijay Bhushan Arya, a talented music composer, script writer and Mr. Govind Prasad who has an expertise in classical dance. The untiring effort of the participants was a treat to watch who were brimming with enthusiasm and zeal. The prestigious and much coveted award was awarded to Rukmini Devi Public School who bagged the first position. The second position was secured by DL DAV Public school. The third position was bagged by both Bal Bharati Public School and Maharaja Agrasen Model School.

Investiture Ceremony

KIIT World School, Pitampura organised its Investiture Ceremony on 28 July 2018. The program witnessed the talented KIITians being honoured with prestigious designations. The newly elected parliamentarians were vested with their badges of honor. The decorated badges filled their hearts with joy and gratitude towards their parents, teachers and school. Each leader accepted their responsibilities with zest, vigour and new found passion. They also took the oath of office where they vowed to uphold and follow all the principles of the school. This was followed by words of wisdom by the Principal, Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia. The Prime Minister - Lakshay Chhabra, Speaker - Trisha Modi and Leader of Opposition - Vanshika Tiwari vowed to guide and serve the students to the best of their abilities. It was an awe-inspiring event which encouraged the parliamentarians to leave their mark and build a legacy for everyone