Eco environment club

Herbal Garden

On the occasion of Earth Day, students of Eco Club set up a wish tree- kalpataru where children poured out their hearts and pledged to save mother earth. They painted T-shirts and handkerchiefs in the open canvas activity. They also made a herbal garden in the school compound.

Say No To Plastic

Students of class VI-X participated fervently in making posters on “Say No to Plastic bags”. They made beautiful posters with inspiring quotes urging everyone to lessen the use of plastic bags as it has become a threat for our nature. The posters were also displayed within the school premises.


Rightly said ‘Waste is a resource but at a wrong place’. A workshop was conducted where various ways were discussed to conserve water, electricity etc., hence reducing our carbon footprints. Students were told different ways of minimizing waste by following:- Reuse-Reusing bottles, paper etc. Recycle- Including Ways to Process Waste Material Recovery/Rot- Includes composting, biogas from energy waste etc. Students participated with great zeal. It was an informative and an inspiring workshop.

Pot Making

“Why?” This is the question that often puzzles the minds of many people. People talk about bird conservation, but they barely do anything for the same. Students of Eco club highlighted the importance of saving fauna for maintaining the ecological balance. They decorated the Earthen pots beautifully and placed the same at various places within the school which are in reach of the birds. The activity aimed at creating awareness among the students to help and save birds during summer season.

Jute Bag Making

Students of Eco club ardently engaged themselves in making jute/cloth bags with inspiring slogans written on them. The activity was organized to minimize the use of plastic bags as they pose a severe threat to the environment.

Best Out Of Waste

Best out of waste follows the environmental friendly principle and at the same time creates useful and picturesque objects out of waste products. In order to make children aware of the uses of waste material and to give them a lesson on reducing waste to save our future

Book Mark Making

The students used handmade paper, crayons, glitter, adhesive etc. for the same. They enjoyed doing the same as it was an opportunity for them to display their talent and creativity. It was indeed a fun filled activity.

Folder Making